About Us

With global influences and a passion for local camaraderie, we are committed to tell you a story. Every dish and each of its components, was cultivated somewhere, cared for by someone, giving us the opportunity to create. Graze With Us, on how your dish came to life.

Laercio “Junior” Chamon Jr.

Born and raised in Brazil, Laercio M. Chamon Jr (aka “Junior”) got his first lesson in cooking at none other than “Mom’s Kitchen” where he helped prep her catering orders. In 1996, Junior’s family moved to America. Living in New York City and then to New Jersey, Junior struggled to stay out of trouble in High School. With the help of a family friend, they encouraged him to enroll in Brookdale Community College’s Culinary Vocational School. It was being in the kitchen, that Junior naturally began to feel he belonged. By age 16, his first kitchen job was shucking oysters at Doris and Ed’s in Highlands, NJ. Being challenged mentally and physically, he worked his way up the kitchen ladder. Driven with passion and 19 years in the making, Junior is ready for you to Graze into the love he has for this craft.

Behind The Logo

This was inspired by Junior’s Grandfather’s farm in Abaeté Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Chamon brothers never failed to argue on who would be the one to open the gate at every visit.